Three different types of matcha at Lowinsky's

As you all know, we offer arguably the highest quality of matcha in Hamburg. I would even go so far as to say that we arguably offer the highest quality of matcha in all of Germany, especially within the context of running and owning a cafe.  Most cafes specialize in coffee but have not only a lackluster tea program, but employees who do not have the knowledge and skills in order to prepare fine teas and tea based drinks. 

We started our journey with Horai, a really delicious matcha named Horai which comes from Kagoshima and is derived from the Okumidori and Asanoka cultivar. This matcha is creamy, nutty, sweet, has a very full body and also goes in the direction of bitter chocolate. 

We then added a second matcha to our repertoire: Kirari, a matcha coming from Miyazaki. This kirari cultivar is extremely rare and we can confidently say we are the only ones in Germany quite possibly even Europe who are offering this matcha. This is by far an incredibly premium quality that we confidently list as a ceremonial matcha because of its deep sweet aroma and incredible umami. Imagine a very deep and powerful umami sitting in your mouth with an explosive and dynamic vegetable and green taste. It doesn't get much better then this but this was until we found a third matcha.  We are still finding out more information about this one and we will make sure to inform you all once we get it! 

We have a very limited offer on our third matcha, Tsuyuhikari, an incredibly fruity matcha with light notes of vanilla.  We should have it starting officially on Wednesday and will be selling it at our store on Lehmweg 36, 20251 Hamburg and on our online shop.  More infos to come!

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